Pursuing and Honoring Excellence [Dan Zhu]

Dan Zhu is a renowned violinist who has performed at prestigious venues around the world, from the Salzburg Festspiele in Austria to the Philharmonic Hall in St. Petersburg. The Mannes School of Music alumnus is considered to be one of the top classical musicians from China. At the age of 18, the Beijing native performed at Carnegie Hall and soon began showcasing his prodigious talent at worldwide orchestras with some of the top composers and conductors of the modern era.


(source: http://www.danzhumusic.com/Portrait)

At ZMI, we seek to empower people from all different walks of life. Creative, talented people like Dan are able to accomplish great things in their respective industries, and we want to support them in their journey. We wanted to thank Dan for being an inspiration to all those who seek to become leaders in their field, so we gifted him our Power Delivery Duo, the PowerPack 20000 and PowerPlug Turbo.


Dan is always on the road, but the PowerPack 20000 and PowerPlug Turbo are two high-powered, premium-quality chargers that will make sure his portable devices stay charged anytime, anywhere. 

ZMI pledges to continue pursuing excellence in product design and manufacturing and honor the effort and dedication of our customers, who like Dan, steadfastly climb towards a pillar of greatness.

Dan Zhu Power Delivery PowerPack 20000 Turbo 45W

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