iPhone Charging Elevated With the LevPower M10

Sunnyvale, CA - ZMI has released its first wireless charging capable power bank, the LevPower M10. This is also ZMI's first power bank with a Lightning port input.

Here's a quick rundown of the LevPower M10's features:

  • Qi certified wireless charging
  • MFi certified for safety and compatibility with Apple iOS devices
  • USB-C with Power Delivery for fast charging the latest iPhone models
  • Simultaneous wireless and wired charging (charge up to 3 devices at the same time!)
  • Lightning input port

The LevPower M10 integrates the most sought-after features for iPhone users. The convenience of wireless charging plus the simplicity of having a Lightning input port is what separates this power bank from all the others on the market right now.

Wireless charging makes it so users can set down and pick up their iPhone casually and quickly. If you need to charge your iPhone, just set it down on the wireless charging pad. If you need to take a call or reply to a message, just pick up the iPhone and start using it. There's no need to mess with plugging and unplugging charging cables.

The Lightning input port simplifies things further. Instead of carrying multiple cables for charging your iPhone and recharging the power bank, now you can carry a single Lightning cable to do both. 

The LevPower M10 is a further step by ZMI to stay on the cutting edge of charging technology. As with previous products from the PowerPack 20K Pro to the PowerPack Ambi, ZMI has focused on delivering high-quality, premium products with the latest features and charging capabilities. 

Since 2014, Zimi Corporation has cumulatively sold over 110 million portable chargers/battery packs worldwide. Since being founded in 2016, ZMI USA has been introducing Zimi's products to the US market as well as designing original products. Continuing to grow, learn, and experiment, ZMI has expanded into multiple product categories, including backup battery packs, power adapters, charging cables, and smart home devices.

For more information, please visit ZMI.com or send an email to support@zmi.com.

Battery Pack levpower m10 power bank wireless charging

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