Can I bring a portable charger/battery pack aboard a plane?

Yes, you can bring ZMI battery packs aboard a plane.

All ZMI battery packs have rated capacities below the limit of 100 watt-hours per FAA regulations pertaining to rechargeable lithium batteries.

However, please note: When traveling by plane, FAA regulations require you to store your portable charger/battery pack in your carry-on luggage, NOT checked-in luggage.

Additional technical information:

Product (Model) Watt-Hours (WH)
Plugornot Zero (Model APB01) 24.3
PowerPack 10000 (Model QB810) 38.5
PowerPack 20000 (Model QB820) 72
PowerPack 20K Pro (Model QB823) 72
PowerPack Aura (Model QB822) 74
PowerPack 10K USB-C Fabric Cover (Model QB910) 38.5
PowerPack Ambi (Model QB812) 37

As you can see, all of these battery packs have watt-hours below the FAA limit of 100 watt-hours.


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  • I understood this charger would charge my Kindle Fire, If it does what directions do i follow?

    Marguerite Bear on

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