Can I charge an iPhone with the ZMI Turbo 45W USB-C PD Adapter?

Q: If I purchase a USB-C to Lightning cable, can I charge my iPhone 5s with the ZMI Turbo 45W USB-C PD Adapter (AD03Z)? Or will it be too powerful and damage my phone?

A: It is safe to use Apple's USB-C to Lightning cable to charge your iPhone with the ZMI Turbo 45W USB-C PD Adapter. It is safe to do so, because the wall charger will only provide what the phone needs. In other words, the phone will pull power from the wall charger, but the wall charger won't push more than what the phone asks for.

On a side note, there are many knockoffs of the official Apple USB-C to Lightning cable on the market. We'd suggest that you use an official Apple cable or a genuine MFi certified 3rd-party cable.

iPhone lightning cable Power Delivery safety Turbo 45W USB PD USB-C charging

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