Can I Charge My Garmin GPS or Fish-Finder With the PowerPack 10K Over 12 Volts?

Q: I would like to charge my GPS, Camera, Fish-Finder using the PowerPack 10K and need to get 12V. Will this work?

A: No, the PowerPack 10K can only output 12V under the Qualcomm Quick Charge protocol. Devices that support Quick Charge will do the proper handshake with the battery pack to get the desired voltage for charging. For other devices like the GPS or fish-finder that take raw 12V via loose wires, the PowerPack 10K will only charge at 5V.

The reason is that power out of a USB port is stipulated by the governing body that oversees all USB applications. Had raw 12v been that easily drawn out of a USB port, then someone could get their phone or tablet fried if their device is not capable of handling 12V.

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