Do you sell wireless chargers? How to decide which wireless charger to buy?

Q: I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+. Do you carry chargers that don't plug into the phone but lay on it to charge (wireless charger)? Can you make a recommendation for a wireless charger?


Update (12/7/2018) We just launched our wireless charger. Check it out!

ZMI LevPower X Qi-Certified Wireless Charger 10W

The LevPower X is sold as a standalone unit as well as a bundle with ZMI's 18W USB-A charger.

Some recommendations when purchasing a wireless charger:

1) Safety. There is a certification governing the safety and compliance of wireless chargers called "Qi." With Qi certification, there's at least some guarantee that the charger meets certain safety and compliance measures. So, going with a Qi-certified charger is recommended.

2) Price. If the price isn't a concern, then going with a high-quality wireless charger from a well-known brand like Samsung would be ideal. Samsung wireless chargers are expensive; they can cost $40, $50, or even more. Cheaper wireless chargers below $15 cannot be recommended due to potential safety and quality control issues. A price range from $15 to $40 is sensible for the average consumer.

3) Power rating. A power rating of 5W (5 watts) would work but only charge your phone very slowly. It has to be at least 7.5W to give an acceptable charging speed. Of course, 10W and above would be even better.

4) Is a power adapter included? The wireless charger is powered by a wall power plug and sometimes imposes a minimum rated power for the wall plug. If you have a spare Galaxy power plug to use with the wireless charger, then you're in luck. If not, you'll need to get one.

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