How to Factory-Reset the MF885 Pocket WiFi Hotspot?

Before you do a factory reset, please be sure that you understand that this operation will erase all your customized settings on the MF885 and revert back to the factory settings and that the operation cannot be undone.

There's a reset key in the recess as illustrated in the picture below. You may use a SIM card tool or a straightened paper clip to press and hold the reset key for several seconds while the MF885 is on. To verify the factory reset is successful, please follow these steps:

  • Connect your laptop or smartphone to the WiFi network provided by the MF885. The WiFi network name and login password are laser-etched on the bottom plate of the MF885.
  • On a laptop, open your web browser and enter in the address bar; on a smartphone, either use your web browser as before or open the ZMI Portable Router app that you have already installed.
  • Enter the default admin password: zimifi


Factory reset MF885

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