Is the PowerPack 20000 smaller in capacity than 20,100 mAh battery packs?

Q: Does the PowerPack 20000 have a smaller capacity than 20,100 mAh batteries?

A: The PowerPack 20000 actually has a nominal capacity exactly equal to 20,100 mAh. Like many 20,100 mAh battery packs on the market, the PowerPack 20000 is made of six LG 18650 (battery size) lithium-ion cells, each with a nominal capacity of 3,350 mAh. 3,350 mAh x 6 gives 20,100 mAh. For marketing reasons, the “100” was rounded off.

In short, although it's called the PowerPack 20000, the actual capacity is the same as 20,100 mAh.

20100 capacity mAh QB820

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