PowerPack 20000 Not Charging Anymore?

QAfter working for a while, the PowerPack 20000 is no longer charging my phone. How to fix this problem?

A: If you are having problems charging your phone with your PowerPack 20K, please take a look at these tips.

    1. Your phone's charging cable may be broken or faulty. Try charging your phone with a different cable. Or use the same cable and a different charger.
    2. The PowerPack may be out of power. Check the power level by pressing the charge level check button on the side and see if any lights are blinking on the ports side. If none of the lights are on, try recharging the PowerPack with the recharging cable included in the box and your own USB wall charger/power plug.
    3. The PowerPack may be turned off. Our portable chargers (and most on the market) will automatically turn off after 30 seconds if no connection is detected. To wake up the PowerPack, press the charge level check button on the side once.
    4. The PowerPack's built-in protective mechanism against short-circuiting may have been triggered by a short on an output port; the PowerPack is now in a protective mode and won't respond to button presses or charge your phone. The PowerPack was designed to safeguard against short-circuiting due to inadvertent or deliberate causes. Short-circuiting on an output port can occur as a result of using a frayed or damaged charging cord. Short-circuiting can be either temporary or persistent. How many of us have continued to use a phone cord with broken sleeving and/or EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding like the one shown in the photo below?

      Solution: Fortunately, the battery pack is only in a temporary, protective mode, waiting to be revived. To revive it, connect the battery pack to a wall charger (AC adapter) via a good charging cord and plug the wall charger into a wall outlet; unplug and replug the battery pack's side of the cord while the wall charger stays in the outlet. That's it! Your PowerPack 20K will be as good as new. To avoid the protective mode being triggered again, it is strongly suggested that you replace your frayed/damaged cord ASAP.

If you are still experiencing problems after completing the steps above, feel free to contact us at support@zmiusa.com.

In addition, here is the PowerPack 20000 user guide for your convenience.

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