Running Garmin Satellite Navigation In A Car With No Power Socket

Q: I need a device to run my Garmin Sat Nav in a car with no power socket. Can I use the PowerPack 20000?

A: To power a Garmin GPS navigation device, you may want to consider a battery pack that meets the somewhat minimum requirements: 1) enough capacity to last the duration of your typical usage scenario, 2) 2A (amp) output at 5V (volt). This product certainly meets these minimum requirements, but it also has features and capabilities you might not need or wish to pay for. For instance, this battery pack supports a wide array of fast-charging protocols featuring variable voltages (5V and beyond) and high wattage for the latest models of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These advanced features may not apply to your Garmin GPS navigation device.

TLDR: The PowerPack 20000 will charge your Garmin Sat Nav, but we also offer smaller, more affordable products like our PowerPack 10K, which will meet your requirements as well.

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