My headphones aren't charging? (PowerPack 10K)

Q: Why aren't my noise-cancelling headphones charging when using the ZMI PowerPack 10K?

A: Your headphones may be one of those lower-power devices that have a tiny built-in rechargeable battery and draw little current during charging.

Most power banks on the market may run into problems charging such low-power devices, because the current draw is so low that the power banks may think nothing is happening and thus go to sleep or turn off. However, the PowerPack 10K has a special charging mode dedicated to such low-power charging applications.

To enter this special "low-power charging mode," double-press the side button next to the light with a lightning symbol. To exit and revert back to normal mode, you can either wait 2 hours for the low power mode to timeout or press the button one time.

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  • Full credit to you having this feature and listing it in your FAQs. I can confirm this works on my 20k to charge Beats wireless earpods. Most packs cant/dont do this.

    Dan on

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