Why don't you sell or have USB-C to Lightning cables?

Q: Why do you not sell or include USB-C to Lightning cables for iPhone and iPad?

A: At the time of this FAQ post, Apple has not authorized any third parties to produce the USB-C to Lightning cable, although there have been counterfeit cables of this type sold on Amazon. A special Apple-supplied chip is required in order to make the cable. Without the chip, iPhone 8/8 Plus/X won't fast-charge. There's no way for us (or any 3rd party vendor) to include such a cable in our product offering. To avoid confusion, we have made an effort to remind the buyer by stating "(Not Included: wall charger/AC power adapter, USB-C to Lightning cable, Lightning to USB cable)" on product detail pages of our USB-C charger and PowerPack 20000, USB PD Backup Battery and Portable Charger.

Update: Apple has authorized third-party production of the USB-C to Lightning cable. ZMI has released braided Apple MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cables.

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