Why is my phone not fast-charging with the PowerPack 10K?

Q: Why doesn't my phone quick-charge or fast-charge as advertised? 

A: There are three charging modes supported by the PowerPack 10000:

1) Fast charging (Quick Charge 2.0) - 5V, 9V, and 12V can be provided, depending on what voltage the phone requests.
2) Normal charging - 5V only. 
3) Low power charging - 5V only. This mode is reserved for Bluetooth headphones and Fitness trackers that may draw very little current when charging. When charging these low-power devices, many other competing products would think there's no charging and would simply turn off. 

If you are having trouble fast-charging your phone, please follow these instructions:

Unplug all attached cables from the battery pack. The lights should go off within 30 seconds. If the lights don't turn off in 30 seconds, but instead, turn on/off at the first light, the second, the third, the fourth, then back to the first light again (in a circular pattern), the battery pack is in low power charging mode. Please press the button once to exit the lower power charging mode. Wait 30 seconds, and all lights should turn off.

Now, connect your phone to the battery pack using your phone's charge cable (do not press the button). Your phone's lock screen may indicate the phone is fast charging. Also, there should be a blue indicator light next to the button. This indicator light will turn on and stay on when fast charging or recharging is occurring.

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