Why is the battery pack not fast charging my Samsung S8?

Q: I have a Samsung S8 which is fast charge capable. Why isn't your product fast charging my phone?

A: First of all, the battery pack is able and should fast charge your Galaxy S8. If fast charging is not happening, it is usually one of the following causes:

1) the unit is defective
2) incorrectly operating the battery pack
3) the phone does not support fast charging (in the case of S8, it does) or fast charging function is not turned on
4) the phone is "throttling" the charging current for some reason
5) the phone is trying to top off the remaining 10-15% to reach 100% full. 

The last cause, #5, is normal behavior. You can compare by using your stock AC adapter to top off your phone's battery. #4 is known to happen with various phones. Sometimes, a factory reset or OS upgrade will mysteriously fix the problem. #3 is easy to rule out -- you can go into the settings of your phone to check if the battery setting has been enabled for fast charging. 

To ascertain whether it is #1 or #2, I need your help to verify a couple of things. Could you please contact us at support@zmiusa.com? It's a relatively quick process. Meanwhile, please read Page 1 of the user guide to make sure that you do not incorrectly apply the charging mode (link to the user guide: https://zmiusa.com/docs/QB810user_guide). If the battery pack is defective, we can discuss your options for return/refund. 

The bottom line: We strive for your 100% satisfaction. It's important to us. We're here to help (support@zmiusa.com). Thank you for choosing ZMI! 
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