Why Is the PowerPack Not Fast Charging My Note9?

Q: When the PowerPack 10K is charging the Note9, the blue light indicator on the side is off. It should be on when it's fast charging. Why is it not fast charging?

A: Here are a few reasons why fast charging may not be working:

1. The battery pack is defective. We have an 18-month warranty, so we can offer return and refund or a replacement. You can also try recharging the PowerPack with your Note9's wall charger to see if the blue light will turn on then.

2. The fast charging feature on your Note9 is turned off. You can go into the settings of your phone to check if the battery setting has been enabled for fast charging. 

3. The phone is throttling the charging speed. A few factors related to this problem include background apps running, whether the lock screen is on, and temperature of the Note9. You can try restarting the phone to see if fast charging will work.

4. The phone is trying to top-off the last 10-15% of battery. During top-off, the phone may decide to not fast charge.

For further explanation, troubleshooting, and warranty service, please contact us.


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