Why the Plugornot Zero can't be recharged via micro-USB?

Q: Why can't the Plugornot Zero be recharged via a micro-USB cord?

A: Some of our competitors offer the option to recharge their similar products using a micro-USB port. Here is why we did not include this feature in the Plugornot Zero.

When designing the Plugornot Zero, we made the decision to not include the option to recharge via a micro-USB port and cable. This design decision was made with the average customer in mind. We envisioned the primary use of this charger as a replacement for a standard USB power adapter/wall charger. The special feature is the ability to operate the charger as a power bank when it's unplugged from the wall. 

Adding the capability to recharge via micro-USB and not only through the wall outlet would complicate operation of the charger and possibly confuse some consumers. For example, some consumers may forget to bring a micro-USB charging cord while traveling.

By leaving out this additional recharging option, we are able to reduce the cost of the charger while giving the average consumer the functions they're looking for. 

In the rare scenario where the Plugornot fails to recharge from the outlet, we have an 18-month warranty for refund or replacement. It is not advisable to continue using a charger that is broken or malfunctioning. 

micro-usb Plugornot Zero recharging

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