(IPO) Qiming Venture Partners' Portfolio Company UBTech Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange


The article announces the successful debut of UBTech, a leading humanoid robot company in China, on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx), marking a significant milestone as the first humanoid robot company to go public on the exchange. UBTech's initial public offering (IPO) was priced at HK$90.00 per share, valuing the company at HK$37.60 billion.

Key highlights from the article include:

  1. Historic IPO for UBTech: UBTech's listing on the HKEx is a historic event, not only for the company but also for the humanoid robot industry. The company's share price at listing set a significant valuation for UBTech.

  2. Qiming Venture Partners' Role: Qiming Venture Partners, an early institutional investor in UBTech, has been a key supporter of the company since its Series A financing in 2015. This IPO marks Qiming's eighth in 2023, indicating their successful investment strategy.

  3. Symbolic Ceremony: The listing ceremony featured a unique moment where Panda Robot Youyou and UBTECH's newest humanoid robot, Walker S, joined UBTECH's CEO Zhou Jian in hitting the ceremonial gong, symbolizing the era of human-robot synergy.

  4. UBTech’s Background and Development: Established in 2012, UBTech has become a significant player in the global humanoid robot industry. The company focuses on the development, production, and commercialization of humanoid robots and smart service robot solutions.

  5. Investment in R&D and Patent Portfolio: UBTech has consistently invested a substantial portion of its revenue in R&D, with an extensive patent portfolio in robotics and AI. This dedication to innovation is a core aspect of their strategy.

  6. Product and Service Range: UBTech offers a diverse range of products and services in areas such as AI education, smart logistics, wellness and elderly care, commercial services, and consumer-level robots. They have a broad customer base in China and over 50 other countries and regions.

  7. Leadership Vision: Zhou Jian, Chairman, Executive Director, and CEO of UBTECH, emphasized the importance of balancing technical possibilities with market needs and expressed his long-term commitment to the humanoid robot industry. He also highlighted the significance of collaboration with investors like Qiming Venture Partners.

  8. Qiming Venture Partners’ Perspective: Duane Kuang, Founding Managing Partner of Qiming, praised Zhou Jian's commitment and entrepreneurial spirit. He expressed optimism about the future of AI and humanoid robots and the potential of Chinese entrepreneurs in these sectors.

Overall, the article depicts UBTech's IPO as a landmark event in the humanoid robot industry, reflecting the company's significant growth, innovation, and the potential of the sector.


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