Are You Using Authentic Apple MFi Certified Lightning USB Cables?

Lost or broken Apple Lightning or USB-C cable? Make sure you get a high-quality replacement cable. To properly charge your iPhone or iPad with ZMI products quickly and safely, it is important to use authentic MFi ("Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad") certified cables. MFi is Apple’s licensing program that ensures third-party manufacturers and sellers are using the correct hardware components for the greatest compatibility with Apple products. MFi licensing is typically signified by the following label/logo:

(new logo)

(old logo)mfi logo 


However, even if you do see this labelling on a third-party cable you find online, it could still be a counterfeit product. Apple conducted tests on power adapters and charging and syncing cables sold on Amazon and found that over 90% of so-called “authentic” Apple-compatible products were counterfeits and did not meet their safety requirements. Many were missing components or had flawed designs that could potentially lead to fire, electric shock, and damage to your Apple device. In the case of ZMI products, if you have problems charging your phone or tablet with one of our chargers, it could be because your cable is counterfeit or damaged. As shown in the image below, some non-Apple cables lack the same quality of construction with fewer layers of insulation and protection for the circuitry and wiring inside.

quality difference

It is also important to realize that uncertified third-party sellers of iPhone cables may lack an authenticator chip that ensures the cable is MFi certified. If the cable does not have this chip, you may have problems charging and syncing your Apple devices. For example, without the authenticator chip, when you plug in the cable to your phone and try to charge it, you may get this message:


The lesson to be learned is that saving a few bucks on a cable is not worth it! Don’t ruin an expensive phone or tablet with a cheap cable and spend a few extra dollars to get one from Apple or a MFi certified seller like ZMI.

zmi mfi lightning cable 

Below are some ways to tell if your cord is authentic or not:

First, you should check to see if you have the MFi logo posted above somewhere on the product packaging.  Next, make sure to visit Apple’s website at to search Apple’s database of authorized MFi accessories. If you don’t see either the MFi logo or find the product in the database, it would probably be best to get a better replacement cable.

If you are still unsure and need more help, please visit Apple’s support site for some additional ways to distinguish a quality cable from a counterfeit or uncertified one. The webpage includes detailed images and descriptions comparing Apple’s original cables with uncertified cables.

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