Fast Charging the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (45W vs 25W)

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Note10+) on July 23, 2019 in the U.S.

Below are the facts we've gathered thus far about this new phone:

  • The 25W wall power plug (Model EP-TA800) that comes in the box is enabled for USB PD 3.0 PPS.

  • Samsung also sells a 45W USB-C charger separately that can also fast charge the Note10+.
  • ChargerLab verified our HA832 3-port charger and confirmed that its USB-C output charges Note10+ at 25W (same as Samsung stock charger Model TA800).
  • According to ChargerLab, the Note10+ charges a lot slower screen-on than screen-off, regardless of whether the stock charger is used. 

Zimi Lab tested Samsung's 45W PPS power adapter (EP-TA845) in conjunction with a Note10+ and E-mark USB-C to USB-C cable.

The power adapter advertised PPS profiles: 3.1v-11v@5a, 3.3v-16v@3A, 3.3v-21v@2.25A. Note10+ selected 3.3v-11v@5A and requested 9.5v@3.7A.

When charging, we observed a seesaw pattern in the voltage/amperage readings. The Note10+ phone got noticeably warm. 42.1 degrees C was observed with a Fluke Ti32:

To prevent thermal throttling that could cause fluctuations in the voltage/amperage, we repeated the test with better ambient cooling (we put the phone on the exit vent of a Mi air purifier.). The phone was turned off during the test. 

It took 57 minutes for the 45W Samsung charger to charge the phone from 0 to 100%. Below is the voltage/amperage plot:


The phone was at 30 degrees C with the active cooling we provided, much cooler than the 42.1 degrees C without active cooling (and with the phone turned on).  

Bottom line: At Zimi Lab, we observed that it took the 45W charger (EP-TA845) 64 minutes to charge the Note10+ from 0 to 100%, whereas it took the 25W charger (EP-TA800) 66 minutes*. 

In our other experiment where the phone was kept shut down during charging and better cooling was provided, it took the 45W charger 57 minutes to charge the phone from empty to full. 57 minutes is the best time we've seen with the Note10+.

For the average user, this means you can expect to take around 1 hour to completely charge your Galaxy Note10+ regardless of whether you use the 25W charger in the box or the 45W Super Fast charger.

* In both tests, we first drained the phone completely until it shut down by itself. Then, we plugged it in and manually turned it on when the battery level reached 1%. Once the phone started up, we kept the phone screen-off until the battery level reached 100%.



For Note10+ users who'd like to get a spare charger, please check out our zPower 3-Port Travel Charger and zPower Turbo Cube Ultra-Compact GaN charger. Although the 45W USB PD rating is not applicable to the Note10+, the USB-C port on this charger provides 25W PPS and has been verified in our lab and by our customers to charge the Note10+ as fast as the 25W Samsung stock charger. 

For road warriors, we offer a portable charger (aka power bank) with PPS capability. Check this out!


45W EP-TA845 Note 10 Plus Note10+ PPS super fast charging

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