ZMI Back to School Shopping Guide

Summer is almost over and another school year will soon begin. At ZMI, we've got some tech gear that high school and college students will love to bring with them wherever they go. Here's the 2018 ZMI Back to School Shopping Guide.


Plugornot Zero

Starting off, we have the brand new Plugornot Zero portable charger. It's a dual USB power bank that can be plugged directly into the wall with its foldable prongs. It recharges itself super fast and can provide two full charges of an iPhone or similar capacity smartphone. It also supports Quick Charge 3.0 (backwards-compatible) for Android users. Winner of a 2018 iF Design Award, the Plugornot Zero is a sleek and sophisticated charger with a modern matte black finish and minimalist aesthetic.

There's a circular power level check button on the side and four flashing rectangular lights to display the battery power level. And like our other portable chargers, it features low power charging mode for Bluetooth headphones and activity trackers. Compact and portable but with plenty of capacity, students can keep their smartphone charged all day long! It was recently recommended as a great mobile charging tool for teens by a techie mom and her 14-year old daughter:

PowerPack 20000


Look around a typical college campus and you'll probably see shiny new MacBooks and MacBook Pro's. For college students, the powerful and versatile PowerPack 20000 is the perfect portable charger and backup battery to refuel your laptop after a long night of studying in the library or working on a group project. Instead of lugging around your charging brick and cables everywhere, you can just slip the PowerPack into the ZMI-provided travel pouch along with the accompanying tangle-free USB-C cable and you've got enough power to finish that paper and ace your finals!

 The PowerPack 20000 features Type-C Power Delivery for fast recharging and charging, USB Hub mode for connecting peripheral devices, and low power charging mode for charging smaller gadgets. It's not only great for extending your laptop's battery but also works well charging the Nintendo Switch. If you want the ultimate USB-C backup battery for work and play this semester, this is the charger for you. It's already been highly recommended by Macworld and the Wirecutter. Recently, Ars Technica released its 2018 Back to School buying guide, where the PowerPack 20000 is listed as the essential pick for portable batteries.

ZMI Portable USB LED Light

Last but not least, we recommend checking out the ZMI USB LED dimmable and adjustable lightFlexible yet durable, you can twist and turn them towards or away from you as you like. These lights are great for college students who want a portable little light they can take wherever they go. The LED light can operate both as a desk lamp and flashlight. There are also five brightness levels that can be easily adjusted by pressing a button at the end of the light.

Powered over a USB port, they will work great with a portable charger, wall charger, power strip, or laptop USB port. The LED lights currently come in two colors, white and sky blue.


All of the above gadgets can be purchased at our online store: and our Amazon store at Please note that our PowerPack 20000 is selling out fast and may be out-of-stock on Amazon, but will be in stock soon. For your convenience, you can still order it on our website here:

If there are any questions or concerns about our products or company, please feel free to contact us. Our US-based customer support number is 1 (844) 828-2302 and our email is You can also reach us over Facebook message (

We hope this shopping guide helped you decide on a fun, useful gadget for the upcoming school year. We wish the best for all students and parents and hope our products can help them have a great semester.

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