A Nuisance of the Roomba s9+


I wish the two cleaning wheels under the Roomba s9+ chassis can be adjusted to spin at slower rates. In particular, the cleaning wheel that's closer to the center of the chassis is made of more rigid material than the other wheel. I believe the current design has caused my natural wood floor to splinter at the seams between two planks. Just on one floor after a couple of vacuuming runs, I have had to touch up using walnut-colored crayon over 30 places where the edges of wood planks splintered up and small shards got ripped off by the vacuum robot. This has become an increasingly big nuisance of an otherwise very helpful household helper gizmo.

To the maker of Roomba vacuum robots:

I put one s9+ on each of my two floors as well as a Braava jet m6 on my living room floor. Moreover, an i7+ is used for our company office's commons area. In short, I've been a fan of your products. If you see this, please provide a fix. Thank you! 

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