How do I recharge the PowerPack 10K? How do I charge my phone?

Q: How do I recharge the PowerPack? How do I charge my phone? Do I need to buy another cable?

A: These are some common questions we receive from our customers that we want to address.


The PowerPack 10K can be recharged using the included micro-USB cable. Here is a picture of the contents you receive with every PowerPack purchase:

(Note: the user guide may be bigger in new purchases.)

You should see a short 1ft. cable that is either black or white depending on the color of your PowerPack. This 1ft cable is stuffed in a small side compartment next to the PowerPack compartment. It should be inside a plastic sleeve or pouch. This short cable is used to recharge your PowerPack only. It is not intended to charge your iPhone or Android smartphone. However, there are a few compatible devices that the short cable will charge; please contact us ( for more information.

Plug the smaller end into your PowerPack's micro-USB port, the one closest to the lights. Plug the larger, rectangular end into a USB wall charger/power adapter. For more detailed instructions on recharging: read this guide that goes step-by-step with images.

Some customers may try to use their own micro-USB cable. However, this may produce some unintended results. The PowerPack may recharge much slower than normal and take more than 12 hours to fully recharge. If you are experiencing issues recharging, first make sure you are using the ZMI 1ft recharging cable/cord. This will help ensure that the battery pack gets recharged quickly. For more troubleshooting tips, read this article.


To charge your device, you will need a USB charging cable/cord, which usually comes with the device in the box. It also usually comes along with a compatible power adapter or wall plug. If you are unsure of which cable to use or need to buy a new one, here are some links to ZMI cables for your iPhone or Android smartphone on our Amazon store. These are for iPhone: store link. These are for Samsung and LG phones: store link.

Plug the square/rectangular end into the PowerPack. Plug the other end (Lightning for iPhone/iPad; USB-C for new Samsung/LG phones) into your device. Please take a look at the guides below for more detailed instructions with images. 

How to charge iPhone

How to charge Samsung/LG phones

If the PowerPack is not charging your device, here is a related article with troubleshooting tips.

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